Anita Garrison

Vice President, Remarketing and Merchandise Sales

Anita Garrison, a veteran in the barter industry with over 25 years of experience, joined the ICON team as the vice president, remarketing and merchandise sales.  She works closely with the ICON sales team on inventory disposition as well as the acquisition of gift cards for barter.  In addition to traditional remarketing efforts for ICON clients, Anita works with the merchandise department to help strengthen their offerings and delivery methods both internally and externally.

Throughout her career, Anita has worked on many sides of the business. She was a retail buyer, and manufacturer’s wholesale representative.  She helped build the remarketing division from the ground up, into a major profit center, for another barter company.  She has sold excess/obsolete inventories in many product categories, both domestically and internationally.  These range from soft goods, hard lines, consumer packaged goods, luxury merchandise, and gift cards.

Anita will apply her tremendous experience and in-depth understanding of how to protect a client’s brand in the remarking process to her work at ICON.