Cathy Yachouh

Director of Remarketing & Merchandise Sales

Cathy Yachouh, director of remarketing and merchandise sales, purchases and sources items for the ICON Company Store, remarkets inventory acquired from clients through traditional corporate-barter transactions and is helping to grow the ICON gift-card program.

Prior to joining ICON in 2018, Cathy spent almost 20 years working in the closeout industry including nine years at CSS, Inc. where she forged sound relationships with closeout retailers including TJX, Bargain Hunt Stores, Goodwill Stores, Northern Tool, Ollies, Hamricks, Woot, Mediocre, etc.

Cathy will apply her vast experience in remarketing to protecting the integrity of our client’s brand in all of her endeavors.

Most People Don’t Know That…Yachouh enjoys binge watching great shows on Netflix!