Joshua Benig

Vice President, Business Development

As vice president, business development, Josh Benig works closely with clients as part of their team helping them utilize trade credit for a range of corporate expenditures outside of media. Josh joined the ICON team in 2018 with previous barter experience, having spent six years (1998-2004) working in corporate barter: First for MRI and then for ICON when ICON acquired MRI’s assets in 2001. During that time, Josh worked with some of the early internet companies who bartered excess capacity for media.

Josh has impressive business development skills and enjoys helping companies develop new lines of business solutions. He spent 10+ years at Guidepoint Global and GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) working with major pharmaceutical companies, consumer goods firms and technology companies. At GLG, Josh was part of the first team that sold expert network services directly to strategy and corporate development executives at major corporations.

Josh holds a BA in International Relations from Clark University and a MA in International Studies from The University of Denver.

Most People Don’t Know That…Benig has occasionally been a radio DJ part-time since college playing everything from Beyoncé to Kenny Chesney.