Financially Sound

ICON is a privately held organization that specializes in corporate barter. ICON is in full compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley. ICON’s revenue recognition policy is in accordance with SAB 101, allowing revenue recognition as trade credit is retired. ICON has unmatched access to capital reserves which allows ICON to continuously invest in capacity-driven industries such as media, sourcing procurement solutions, travel and printing, which we then offer for trade credit redemption.


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    Accounting Rules

    Authoritative accounting guidance in the United States for corporate-barter or trade-credit transactions are governed by the Accounting Standards Codification 845 (ASC 845) which was released to address the more specific topic of non-monetary transactions. This would be considered a transaction where non-monetary goods are exchanged for other goods, services for services, or a combination of the two.
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    Transaction Examples

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    Barter Calculator

    Corporate barter can be an excellent strategic tool for pulling value out of underperforming assets. Each client situation is different, making every transaction unique. Click below to use our barter calculator and customize a transaction of your own.
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    Funding & Capacity Info

    At ICON, our business is creating possibilities. We create win-win exit strategies for under-performing sponsorships, leverage current spending to finance a sponsorship or fund a sponsorship using your own goods or services.
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