Fulfillment: (noun) media, goods and services the client purchases through ICON in a barter transaction.

When ICON acquires an asset, our client receives payment in the form of a trade credit (which is most often used for media buys) or cash. We pay substantially more than market liquidation value for the assets we acquire, and offer the goods and services (Fulfillment) at the same rates that a client would otherwise pay. Goods and services include media, printing, travel services, shipping and other routine, ongoing business expenditures. We call these services “Fulfillment”, since they fulfill the client’s side of the barter agreement.

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    Inventory Acquisition

    ICON acquires inventory by taking principal positions in capacity driven industries. Often, ICON funds initiatives for media properties allowing them to use future inventory as payment, making the relationship beneficial from the start. Some times, a trade is transacted for another item or service. Occasionally, a large quantity of media is purchased far into the future in exchange for a reduced price.
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    When initiating a media buy, ICON always works at the direction of the client’s advertising agency of record, adhering to all specifications, rates and added-value requirements. ICON executes all media on a net basis, preserving any prearranged commission or fee arrangements. Clients have the comfort of placing a broad range of media through ICON’s specialized buying departments.
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    ICON has an in-house, full service, USTA and IATA-certified travel agency staffed with agents ready and available to book domestic and international travel.
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    Staffed with experienced printing and paper professionals, ICON’s printing department fulfills and manages annual programs for ICON’s Fortune 500 clients.
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    Corporate Services

    Clients can use trade credit toward direct and indirect corporate expenditures either through ICON’s existing supplier base or through ICON’s Directed Trade program.
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