Get the most for your owned and leased real estate assets

ICON’s real estate barter solutions offer several benefits over traditional real estate deals. Here are just a few reasons to consider corporate barter:

  1. PRICE Barter offers more flexibility in pricing. This is especially helpful when a property’s market value is significantly less than the client’s desired strike price.
  2. CERTAINTY OF CLOSING Sometimes, selling an asset quickly is more important than price. ICON has the unique ability to close in 45 to 60 days—without financial contingencies.
  3. TRANSACTION EFFICIENCY Many companies routinely have multiple properties to sell. Disposing of these properties in separate transactions is time-consuming and usually offers a lower return. Barter provides an opportunity to dispose of multiple “unrelated” properties to a single buyer in a single transaction.
  4. ABILITY TO PURCHASE CHALLENGED PROPERTIES Real estate deals become much more complex when there are outstanding issues with a property. This can include location, environmental issues, deferred or pending capital requirements, easements, encroachment or legal concerns, short remaining lease term, co-tenancy restrictions and other property characteristics that make disposition difficult. ICON makes it easier to dispose of these properties.

View examples of these transactions:

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