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Thanks for your interest in Unlocking Financial Value with Corporate Barter by John P. Kramer and Clarence V. Lee III, CEO and CFO of ICON International.

  • Using Your Computer to View the E-book

    Once you download to your computer, you can open the e-book Unlocking Financial Value with Corporate Barter using Acrobat Reader. (Available for free from Adobe).
  • Using Kindle

    Connect your Kindle to your computer (Mac or Windows) using the USB port. Your Kindle device will appear as a removable mass storage device (like any other USB drive). From your computer, double-click the Kindle icon and locate the “documents” folder. Then copy the downloaded PDF from your computer to your Kindles’ documents folder. The e-book will be available for reading on the Kindle.When viewing a PDF inside Kindle DX, you can add bookmarks to remember pages but, unlike other Kindle-formatted books, annotations aren’t available for PDF. So you can’t take notes or highlight text while reading the PDF. You can, however, use your Kindle search functions to find specific text on the PDF.
  • Using Sony Reader

    Connect your Sony Reader to your computer (Windows only) using a USB cable.Then use the CONNECT Reader on your computer to import the downloaded file stored on your computer into Library.Finally, transfer the content in Library to your Sony Reader.
  • Using Barnes & Noble Nook

    Connect your nook to your computer (Mac, Linux or Windows) using the USB cable. (Your nook will then enter USB drive mode and displays a screen that indicates how to use it while it is connected.) You can then copy the downloaded e-book to your nook.
  • Viewing on PDA, Blackberry, iPad, or iPhone

    To read Unlock Financial Value in your PDA, BlackBerry or iPhone, you can simply send the downloaded file as an attachment to your email address and then read it with the built-in PDF viewer on your PDA or smartphone. (Note: There are limitations to the built-in PDF support in iPad and other PDAs. If you reopen a PDF file, it does not maintain the last read page location. And links in the PDF, such as in the Table of Contents, may not be not clickable.)
    You can also find dedicated BlackBerry e-book reader software that will provide enhanced viewing capabilities. Learn more here.
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