Time Group

ICON Helped Promote People Magazine to the Right People

The Challenge

As the core holder of Time Inc. and Time Warner, Time Group consists of some of the world’s best-recognized and most-admired media brands. So what could it possibly want or need from corporate barter? In a word: flexibility. The editors of Time’s “People” magazine decided they needed to reach a very specific audience on an unfamiliar platform: MTV.

How ICON Uncovered Value

This relationship has extended well past the transactional level. Ad inventories sold in advance help Time monetize future assets. That’s straightforward enough; however combining trade credit into the compensation scheme also gives the company flexibility to meet other corporate commitments without cash outlay. In the words of Time’s then-president and worldwide publisher, “Different account situations at different points in time call for different solutions. There is no limit to the fertile minds at ICON in terms of how it can provide value.”

The Results

Having access to Time properties allows ICON clients access to a global stable of legendary media properties with highly loyal readers.