Brian Connally

Executive Vice President, Managing Director

During his 20 years at ICON, Brian Connally’s primary role has been to introduce ICON to key decision makers at prospective client companies, help them identify specific transaction opportunities and navigate the sometimes complex discussions on the trail to creating a productive, win-win corporate-barter agreement.

A strong verbal and written communicator, Connally excels at explaining complicated things simply, which has led to many  long-standing client relationships over the years.  Connally helped ICON branch into receivables transactions (TD Waterhouse, Chase, etc.), won business from Allied Domecq, despite fierce competition, and turned Pinnacle from having a negative perception of barter (including having a handful of unused trade credits) into a multitransaction, long-term ICON client.

Connally graduated with honors from LeMoyne College, Syracuse NY (BA in psychology). He recently returned from a speaking engagement at the CBRE Real Estate Convention in Las Vegas where he presented real-estate barter solutions.

Most People Don’t Know That… Connally has had music published through BMI.