Pierce Filippelli

Vice President, Digital Strategy & Partnerships

Pierce Filippelli is responsible for paving the way of the digital group and making sure ICON stays current in the ever-changing digital world. As vice president of digital strategy and partnerships, Pierce works to ensure ICON has the best digital offerings and works with a variety of technology partners to ensure the growth of the department.

Since starting at ICON in 2015, Pierce has been instrumental in launching ICON’s internal trading desk, various programmatic products and overall digital partnerships with publishers and technology vendors.

Prior to ICON, Pierce worked at Ignition One and Netmining for three years respectively where he sold digital platforms and solutions to clients.

Pierce graduated from Fordham University with a BS in Finance and Economics. He is a chairperson for Make-A-Wish alumni committee and sits on the board of many advertising and technology companies. Pierce resides in Greenwich, CT with his wife.

Most People Don’t Know that…Filippelli was friends with Steve Jobs.