Robert Schindele

Vice President, Director of Media Services

Robert Schindele is ICON’s resident media finance mastermind. He specializes in client accounting and billing, media system operations, and media audits. As vice president, director of media services, Bob embodies three distinct and diverse functions within ICON: he serves as the liaison between the various media departments and the accounting department for all client media billing; he is the business-side point person for the media systems Strata and CORE that are utilized by the media departments; and he is responsible for all external client media audits.

Bob began his career in accounting at BBDO New York working in their client accounting department, followed by positions in account management and production where he worked on DuPont, General Electric and PepsiCo respectively. Bob is always up for a professional challenge and draws on his 12 years of experience with BBDO to provide information in new and creative ways to help serve ICON’s diverse client base and their agencies.

Most People Don’t Know That… Schindele is addicted to traveling on cruises.