Velinda Simo

Director, E-Commerce and Merchandise

Velinda Simo, an ICON veteran, oversees the ICON Company Store – a closed-loop network that offers discounted travel and merchandise to ICON employees, Omnicom (ICON’s parent company) employees, vendors of ICON, and the employees of ICON clients. Velinda joined the travel and merchandise department in 2001 when ICON acquired the assets from another barter company; Media Resources International. She’s been in the corporate-barter business her entire career.


Prior to starting the ICON Company Store, Velinda managed the travel and merchandise department and was responsible for helping clients utilize their trade credit by way of travel and merchandise. When she started working at ICON, the travel and merchandise department worked with five vendors – they now work with over 50!


Velinda is a Certified Travel Agent (CTA) that is versed in Sabre. She is a member of the International Association of Travel Agents (IATA), National Association of Empowering Women (NAPW) and the iWomen Steering Committee, a platform to network and mentor the women of ICON.


Most People Don’t Know That…Simo wanted to become a forensic science expert.